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Just Need Your Teeth Cleaned?
No Problem.

Teeth cleanings are one of the most powerful services a dentist can offer. That’s why Just Brush My Teeth makes it as easy and stress-free as possible for patients to simply come and get their teeth cleaned at our office. You’ll love our hassle-free approach to a healthier and more confident smile!
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Welcome To Just Brush My Teeth

Basic cleaning is a great supplementary service for patients who brush and floss regularly or are not experiencing sore or bleeding gums. The teeth and gums benefit from the removal of excess bacteria and acid that can accumulate in the mouth.

Patients who are at higher risk of developing gum disease, such as those who do not regularly visit the dentist, should consider deep cleaning for healthier teeth and gums. Pockets of bacteria, plaque and tartar are removed to prevent the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Diet and lifestyle habits, such as smoking and consuming alcohol, can stain the teeth. At Just Brush My Teeth, our hygienists use effective whitening techniques to brighten smiles. Our take home whitening kit offers patients a convenient solution when in-office treatment is not an option.

We also offer pediatric cleaning services to help little ones and young teens keep teeth and gums hygienic and healthy. Oral health begins at home, but by working with the team at Just Brush My Teeth, patients can reinforce those lessons for the whole family.

Which CLEANING is right for me?

Our Services

  • Child Cleaning (up to 12)

    $75 Book Now
  • Teen Cleaning (13-17)

    $90 Book Now
  • Adult Regular Cleaning

    $110 Book Now
  • Deep Cleaning

  • Periodontal Maintenance

    $150 Book Now
  • Whitening

  • Consultation

    $30 Book Now
  • Other Services


Flexible Monthly Payments

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  • We accept walk-ins
  • Easy online scheduling
  • Convenient office hours
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Our Patient Reviews

Just Brush My Teeth

/ 5.0

Based on 11 reviews

  • Michelle R.

    Great experience! The staff was really sweet and informative through the whole process and got me in and out pretty quickly plus it is more affordable than any other dentists I have been to.

  • Thomas N.

    Great experience and much more affordable. Dr. Granger was very personable and professional. I needed a deep cleaning/scaling done and the dentist I saw at Aspen dental wanted almost $2K for it and that’s with a discount. Then an additional $150 per follow up visit. Dr. Granger took care of it all for under $700 and the work is just as good. I will continue to utilize this office for my cleanings from here out.

  • D West

    My experience was excellent! I am ashamed to say how long it’s been since I went to a dentist, but I can tell you with certainty they removed all of the plaque and tarter and my teeth look so pearly and clean!! I can’t stop smiling, even with my gaps! My confidence has changed in just a matter of minutes! Great choice for my glow up!!

  • Carlton L.

    Awesome staff! Very friendly and efficient. Thank you for great service!

  • Nicole M.

    Great service, no pain. Ms. Missy was great!! I gave her a nickname, “Hurricane Missy”!

  • Tiffany O.

    It's been years since my mouth had work done. My mouth looks and feel so much better. THANK YOU MS.MISSY FOR BEING SUPER SWEET💕💕💕💕💕 MAKING ME FEEL SO COMFORTABLE. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE GREAT PRICES OUT OF POCKET

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